baby boy!

yeah,as u guys know im having baby boy in august,. =) so,im happy! still wonder mcm mne muke dye nnt.. like his daddy or his mummy.. hahaha.. cant wait till august.. i heard lot of stuff bout pregnancy ni.. agk scary la.. n agk ssh mao tdo mlm2.. =(( saket badan la.. saket kaki la.. adoii... 

evry night mst bgn tgh2 mlm sbb kaki saket.. n i cant eat chicken!! huwaaaaaaaa.!! not a good news ok?! haiyoo... im so excited bout all this.. my stomach become big already now..  i went to scan n the baby is so cute.. sory la picture baby xde.. =((

n i cnnt use my jeans anymore.. only bole pkai suar yg longgar2 sahaje ok.. or use dress ke.. haiyooo.. all my t-shirt all da ketat.. n i gain weight.. a lot! 5kg already!! hahaha.. so damn fast! but im not fat ok?! huhuh.. im just sexy hot mama.. am i?? hehehhe.. but actually pregnent woman is sexy u knw.. hehhee..

coz its free scaning la.. hehhe.. but one thing i knw its a boy! can see his "thing".. hehehe.. just so cute lah! all these is a big n new experience for me.. n i went through all these with flying colors.. =)) but i still wonder how is the baby gonna look like la.! hahahha!! just cannot wait!! 

p/s: im so excited smpai xbole tdo mlm2.. (but tdo gak kalu da pnt) hehehe


its a boy!

hahahha.. =) im so happy!!! =))


i want mcd!

im hungry!! i want mcd.. =( da la sorg2 kt uma.. somemore lapa lak tuh! nk mkn ape? teringin nk mkn mcd.. but nk kuwa tak bole.. =(( huwaaaaaaa... pity me!!! nnt greg balek dye nk mkn ape pulak? adoi.. da xtao nk msk ape.. huwaaaaaaaaaaaa.... 

i just dunno la.. cm trus xde mood.