i got the job. =)

damn happy i got the job. =) at last i got something to do in my life.! hahaha. i will not sit at home like stupid person n doin nothing. n keep asking my dad money to go out. haih.. so bored la life like that. now i have my own life ma. so happy.. i got the job that i want then i will study in raffles (even though i dun think i can fit in) but im still happy.. i will not sit at home like that n doin nothing.. YAY ME.! i love my life right now. =) if my late MOM is still here she will proud of me right.? hurm. i hope so. but i will do my best. for my MOM and my sisters. love them so much. and my DAD. the reason im still alive now is because of them. =) LOVE THEM SO MUCH.!


my first fashion show. =)

this my first fashion show..n im so happy.. =) but to bad im not there.. juz my partner is on stage.. n im proud to say my baju is on that stage.. =) all my hard work n jihan's.. its worth it.. n im so satisfied.. thanks to jihan n my lect coz continue doing my baju.. =)