my bday. =)

no matter where i still kiss him!

we just walking around.

i just love to make fun of erin! =)

see,we just love taking picture!

we lepaking there. =)

at the ape center!

i still love him no matter what!

at the elephant place.

this is my bday cake.

im walking alone.

he really manje me.=)

erin's fren? =)

we had a great time.. greg n his family throw a surprise bday party for me.. =) thanks baby.. n we went to the zoo.. my bday we goin to the zoo! yay! me like! the last time i went to the zoo when i was a kid.. n now im 19!! how long i never been there.. leia is in australia.. n we really miss her.. n my family do makan2 for me.. they bought me cheescake(which now is my fav).. n we ate KFC for buka puase.. n that's it. greg gave me CARLO RINO wallet.. n mummy n gave me BAJU RAYE.. n leia gave me HANDBAG.. they gave the stuff that i really need.. my big sis gave me BRACELET.. n my lil sis gave me a NOVEL.. i love them! thanks u guys for a wonderful bday!!


i love u greg. =)

org lain all write bout what they do today.. but for me,work work work work n work.. thats all.. no pretty picture except with greg.. sooooo... all my picture is with greg la.. hehehe.. i have no more picture that i need to put.. n i also got nothing else to say.. heheheh.. just doing this for fun.. else,no one will comment my blog anyway.. so fuck it la! hahahaha

see,what else can we do. we just so silly n loving. rght? but who give a shit? after MARRIED is just us. nobody will care. it's us who bring the food on our table.. not OTHER PEOPLE.

hang out time!

hehehe. like always got nothing to do with greg.. so we like to take picture.. here some silly picture we took.. hahahaha.. we both just love camera! n camera love us! =)) sometime we can be so silly with camera.. =))

i miss mom.

she is the best mom in the world! i just love her.. n miss her damn much.. i wish she were here to love me like she used to love me before.. i just damn miss her.. =((