i wanna go red hair.

i wanna go red hair.
coz i think it's nice.

should i go for this one?

or this?

so long.

my son 1 year old. :)
tak byk bole cite.
same O same O.

he just grew up so fast!

his first bday. :)

new update.

mummy n son

ahh.. lame giler tak update.. i guess its been a while gak.. :) yela.. busy dgn family sendiri da.. have a son now.. goin to be 10 months on 24th.. am i lucky or what? ;p dari stay ngn mummy ann then move to ning's hse.. and now we have our own hse in wangsa maju.. for me n my husband we really improved a lot.. we changed our life from zero to something.. im so glad we did that.. :)


i miss my girls.

oh how long i never on. so now i have chance then, what some more want to wait. ;p i update my facebook and myspace.. now time for blog~ hahah~ i really miss my girls and this line.. ;p my son big! hahaha.. im happy with my hubby. my girl jihan is coming back. heheh. i miss her lots! n i miss my girl brit also. ;) what would i do witout them. haih.

i actually got lots things to say but now i just dunno what to say. nhehe.. so later. ;p