while waiting for the baby

yup.. now tgh tggu baby nak kuwa. =) hahahha.. just cant wait.. but, sementara nak tggu baby ni kuwa, i got nthng to do.. byk bnde yg tak bole nak buat.. so, the only thing i can do is watch dvd kt bilik n clean.. hahaha.. but now da tak larat nak clean lebih2.. haih.. so, disbbkn i always in my room with my dvd, i have new series that i like to watch.. it's MONK.. it's about crazy detective yg giler particular bout germs and all.. mmg pembersih giler la..

punca tibe2 suke cite ni sbb greg la.. dye ckp nak follow any series.. so we no need to think what to watch.. last2 im the one who follow it.. sbb greg smtms tak de mse nk tgk.. he bz working.. pity him.. =( so now im watchng season 6.. ade lg satu season.. coz dye smpai season 7.. now tgh showing,so dvd lom kuwa lg.. huwaaaaaaaaaaa... =(( so this is the stuff that pregnent woman do when she's waiting for the baby to come out.. hahahaha...


im so over it.

i had enough with all these stupid bullshit. all these girls should just stop disturbing me. im giving birth end of the month. doesnt mean i stay home n u just can accuse me doin smthng that i didnt do. its so not cool. i stay home quietly n please just back off. all u people should know that pregnent woman is sensitive. SO?? i got other things to worry about. im having my baby soon. better i think about my baby rght?

i didnt mean to tell the whole word,just i really deppressed when people doin this to me. yeah its my fault coz i treat n look at people one kind. i just cannot help it. i dun want to pretend i like a person if i dun like them. its just smthng bout them i dun feel good about. is it wrong? sometime i just dont understand people.

if u flirt with people husband their wife ask u to back off,u should know better. its not my prob. u been married b4. so paham2 la. what do u think only me who hate other girls go out or chat with their husband? byk lg la other girls out there dont like. somemore im pregnent. u think i will do that such of things?

im really upset coz people accuse me like that. i really do. i really feel like i dont deserve to be with my husband. im really upset all these happen. i really do..


counting days

yup.. im counting days to be a mummy now. =) just cannot wait.