its breaking my heart though.. all these thing happen.. seriesly.. smpai terduduk.. smpai da xtao nk ckp ape.. nk menangis pon xgne skrg.. buang air mate je.. it's just evrythng need to be adjust a bit....wait no! not a bit.. A LOT! evrytime i thnk bout this mmg saket ati.. but all that is my past.. n all that is just A PAST.. nthng else.. i live my life now happily.. but all these things keep comning back to me.. try to foget them but cant.. it's just too hard for me to forget them..

evrytime i try harder, lg dye dtg balek.. as if like it's haunting me! bile sorg,i been thinkng... y is dis happening to me.. kenape bkn org laen?? i didnt do anythng that make people suffer.. y i have to? its not that i really suffer, noo... smtms i just cnnt take this anymore.. i just wanna run away from evrythng.. but i know i have responsiblity.. i cnnt just leave like that.. i have to think the person i love in my whole life.. too many things he done for me.. n i really appricte that.. i really do..

i just cnnt stand it smtms.. all i want is a happy life n without all these bullshit.. but still "these bullshit" coming! can u just leave me alone here?! im getting fed up.. n im getting sick of it.. just please dun push me.. i really meant it.. please.. leave me alone ok?...........................

but i cant leave u SUSHI!! I WANT SUSHI! HUWWAAAAAA


tagged by clara. =)

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i love cartoon still.

i love alien!

hate shopping!

lazy to wake up.

really like to bite! =))

like to sms 24 7 with my husband,even dye dpn mata.

name je bini org,but tak nmpk cm bini org. =)

6) nad
7) leia


dye akad nikah

im sweating!

lelaki idaman wanita. =))

hari ni kite ckp psl nikah i.. =)) even da tiga mggu but ade lg gmbr yg tak dpt diupload.. so ni bru kite nk upload la.. heheheh.. so cm best lak edit gmbr ni.. =)) mmg ske lah edit gmbr nih.. cm comel n menarik.. lgpon kite upload ske2.. hahaha.. ade org bce,bce.. xde org bce sudah! i tak heran..

coz i knw i yg bce my own blog! ahahaha.. cm bodo jek! now pon agk bz la skrg.. ngn keje lg.. n jd bini org..so enjoy la the picture! =))


new hair (again!)

hahaha.. ni kali ke berapa i change my hair style pon i dunno la.. but this onlt first stage.. ade lg pas ni.. hahhaa.. rmbot da itam.. so after this laen pulak.. hhehehe.. so nntkan la kemunculan rmbot bru gue!! gahahhaa

cm best lak tuka2 hair style ni.. ape ssh.. suami i tak mara.. =))

ni time keje amek gmbr.. hahaha

same la xde keje.. heheheh

ni first day masok keje.. =))



hey people.. now da kawen xde mse lak nk update my blog.. lgpon no one will read though.. =)) so malas je.. hahhaa
now tgh keje.. n pnt giler babi!! n guess what.. i cut my hair short.. =)) damn short!! hahaha.. n me love it!! seriesly me love it!!! n i dun regret i cut it also.. hahahah
later i will upload the picture..
have a good day evrybody!


bachelor party me!

hhahah... mmg da lepas pon.. but gmbr bru dpt from jihan.. so bru now la update kn.. hish.. jiahn mmg ssh btol nk upload.. hehehe.. dye ckp not appropriate those pictures.. ayooo jihan.. ade gmbr yg cumell2.. hehehe.. but i only have one pictures here... i wish some of my frens were here also but they cant make it.. so what to do.. haih.. but it's ok.. im happily married now.. =)

i'm happy i have my best fens beside me evrytime i need them. =) thanks u guys!


im married now. =)

ni gmbr family greg n frens.

it's us n erin n mummy.

yup he is my husband now. =)

mummy n uncle man. =)

n this is us. newly wedd. =))

yes people.. its true! n now happy giler.!! enjoy the pix la eyh?? =))

gmbr yg laen tak sempay nk upload lg.. tu nnt la kite upload.. =)) so wait k people?? dun worry.. byk lg gmbr lom upload.. =)) byk sgt kamera ari tu amek gmbr.. hehehe