its breaking my heart though.. all these thing happen.. seriesly.. smpai terduduk.. smpai da xtao nk ckp ape.. nk menangis pon xgne skrg.. buang air mate je.. it's just evrythng need to be adjust a bit....wait no! not a bit.. A LOT! evrytime i thnk bout this mmg saket ati.. but all that is my past.. n all that is just A PAST.. nthng else.. i live my life now happily.. but all these things keep comning back to me.. try to foget them but cant.. it's just too hard for me to forget them..

evrytime i try harder, lg dye dtg balek.. as if like it's haunting me! bile sorg,i been thinkng... y is dis happening to me.. kenape bkn org laen?? i didnt do anythng that make people suffer.. y i have to? its not that i really suffer, noo... smtms i just cnnt take this anymore.. i just wanna run away from evrythng.. but i know i have responsiblity.. i cnnt just leave like that.. i have to think the person i love in my whole life.. too many things he done for me.. n i really appricte that.. i really do..

i just cnnt stand it smtms.. all i want is a happy life n without all these bullshit.. but still "these bullshit" coming! can u just leave me alone here?! im getting fed up.. n im getting sick of it.. just please dun push me.. i really meant it.. please.. leave me alone ok?...........................

but i cant leave u SUSHI!! I WANT SUSHI! HUWWAAAAAA


tagged by clara. =)

You have to list 7 weird things about yourself, post it in your blog, tag at least 7 people (list their name), and comment on their blog to let them know that you just tagged them.
i love cartoon still.

i love alien!

hate shopping!

lazy to wake up.

really like to bite! =))

like to sms 24 7 with my husband,even dye dpn mata.

name je bini org,but tak nmpk cm bini org. =)

6) nad
7) leia


dye akad nikah

im sweating!

lelaki idaman wanita. =))

hari ni kite ckp psl nikah i.. =)) even da tiga mggu but ade lg gmbr yg tak dpt diupload.. so ni bru kite nk upload la.. heheheh.. so cm best lak edit gmbr ni.. =)) mmg ske lah edit gmbr nih.. cm comel n menarik.. lgpon kite upload ske2.. hahaha.. ade org bce,bce.. xde org bce sudah! i tak heran..

coz i knw i yg bce my own blog! ahahaha.. cm bodo jek! now pon agk bz la skrg.. ngn keje lg.. n jd bini org..so enjoy la the picture! =))


new hair (again!)

hahaha.. ni kali ke berapa i change my hair style pon i dunno la.. but this onlt first stage.. ade lg pas ni.. hahhaa.. rmbot da itam.. so after this laen pulak.. hhehehe.. so nntkan la kemunculan rmbot bru gue!! gahahhaa

cm best lak tuka2 hair style ni.. ape ssh.. suami i tak mara.. =))

ni time keje amek gmbr.. hahaha

same la xde keje.. heheheh

ni first day masok keje.. =))



hey people.. now da kawen xde mse lak nk update my blog.. lgpon no one will read though.. =)) so malas je.. hahhaa
now tgh keje.. n pnt giler babi!! n guess what.. i cut my hair short.. =)) damn short!! hahaha.. n me love it!! seriesly me love it!!! n i dun regret i cut it also.. hahahah
later i will upload the picture..
have a good day evrybody!


bachelor party me!

hhahah... mmg da lepas pon.. but gmbr bru dpt from jihan.. so bru now la update kn.. hish.. jiahn mmg ssh btol nk upload.. hehehe.. dye ckp not appropriate those pictures.. ayooo jihan.. ade gmbr yg cumell2.. hehehe.. but i only have one pictures here... i wish some of my frens were here also but they cant make it.. so what to do.. haih.. but it's ok.. im happily married now.. =)

i'm happy i have my best fens beside me evrytime i need them. =) thanks u guys!


im married now. =)

ni gmbr family greg n frens.

it's us n erin n mummy.

yup he is my husband now. =)

mummy n uncle man. =)

n this is us. newly wedd. =))

yes people.. its true! n now happy giler.!! enjoy the pix la eyh?? =))

gmbr yg laen tak sempay nk upload lg.. tu nnt la kite upload.. =)) so wait k people?? dun worry.. byk lg gmbr lom upload.. =)) byk sgt kamera ari tu amek gmbr.. hehehe


tagged by nicky. =)

1. What is the relationship of you and him/her?

he is my future husband. =)

2. Your 5 impressions towards him/her..






3. The most memorable things he/she had done for you.
propose me to be his wife. =))

4. The most memorable things he/she have said to you?
u are beautiful. =)

5. If he/she become your lover, you will…
love him till i die!

6. If he/she become your enemy, you will…
he will never become my enemy. that's the fact!

7. If he/she become your lover, he has to improve on…on his/her
nothing. just be himself. =) i love him bcoz of the way he is.

8. If he/she become your enemy, the reason is...
there's no reason we will become enemy. that is stupid!

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is?
just love him. simple. =)

10. The overall impression of him/her is…
he rock my whole WORLD!

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
i dunno. ask them.

12. The character of you for yourself is?
huh? no comment.

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
i have to improve my cooking. heheh

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?
just be myself then. =)

15. For the people who likes you, say something about them.
u like me? people will like u more then that. =) coz u guys rock!!

16. Ten people to tag:
  • greg
  • jihan
  • nicky
  • nadzirah
  • leia
  • julian
  • hajar
  • bee
  • alan
  • didi

17. Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?

  • errr?? it's between me n her. =)

18. Is no. 3 a male or a female?

  • female. ma babe. =)

19. If no. 7 and no. 10 were together, would it be a good thing?

  • err?? i dunno what will happen people..

20. How about no5 and no8?

  • they just frens.

21. What is no. 1 studying about?

  • music. =)

22. Is no. 4 single?

  • nop!

23. Say something about no. 6

  • he is ma divo!


i hate this part right here.

i want to go to MIFA!! huwaa.. da la tak dpt masok coz tak dpt blaja then nk g pon tak ley... huwaaa... mifa is like my dream.. but now like bz giler ngn nikah on this saturday.. hurm.. mne lg penitn?? mifa or nikah?? hahaha.. jawab la..

mst la nikah kan??

giler ape kalu pentingkn mifa kan?? but i really want to go.. =((( sob sob sob


what will happen?

soon to be bride. =)

ape nk jd nih.. adoi.. hari nk dekat.. but now cm rekels giler babi je.. hahahaha... risau mmg ade.. nervous mmg ade.. but most important,nk cepat abes! hahah.. ni nk tny, npe eyh bile i ckp i nk kawen at the young age org sume assume that im pregnent??! y the hell urs mentality is like bullshit??!

da xde keje laen ke nk pk?? aku nk kawen aku nyer psl la! ko cbuk ape! im not asking u money rght?? so just shut up n do ur work dyam2.. ok?? so evrybody gonna be happy.. =)) just buzz of from my face.. im cool with that.. =)

so my preparation all da abes.. tggl nk nikah aje.. i bet greg will look gud with his baju melayu.. heheheh... damn seksi la wehh!! hahahaha.. n i look FAT!! aaahhh!! noooo!! have to lose weight.. but dun have time la! stress je mkn.. mne tak gmok.. hahahhaa.. but it's ok.. still have 4 days more.. OMG! 4 days MORE!!! xpe.. releks.. bole pose.. hahahah.. jgn smpai time nikah pengsan lak kt masjid tuh.. heheheh

so my bestie all gonna be with me that day.. im happy.. li yying from aussi pon dtg.. mayb la.. i dunno.. but jihan cnnt make it.. =(( she just stay over then dye tak dpt dtg.. haih.. ape la.. hurm... but its ok la.. at least i have my frens with me.. that's ok for me.. =))

so now jus have to wait for the big day.. =)) wish me luck!


blackie my hair!!

i just color my hair black.. again.. actually it's not color.. i use henna.. =)) hehehe.. kalu gune hair color tak jd!! coz rmbot karat sgt!! hahahahha.. so kena la gune henna.. so rmbot jd giler itam!! adik greg ckp my face look n i look like goth! ahahaha.. that is the look i want!! hahaha.. after nikah im gonna cut my hair short n higlight it!! omg!! cnnt wait!! this is my new look!! =))

ni mmg edit ckt but can see my hair is black! hahah

same la.. i really love this pix!! =))

hahaha.. at last bole jugak my hair jd itam semula.. after how many years my hair dffrnt kaler!! hahahhaa.. i just love it!! thanks to henna yg sgt murah n berkesan giler babi!! guys,just wait for my tranformer! hahahahha.. but after nikah la.. hehehe


kimora lee simmons

minah sorg ni mmg hot nk mati la... da ar cun giler!! then body lawa nk mati.. n dye ade word dye sendiri lak tuh.. fabulosity!! giler aar!! spe yg bole jd cm dye?? n for me she is my idol la... i want to be just like her!! attitude wise n evrythng.. but not totally 100% la.. nnt org ckp ape lak.. of coz im gonna be FARA SOLIANO! but kimora tu just idol aje.. n dye sgt hot giler babi! babi pon xhot cm dye.. hak hak hak!! ni ade beberape gmbr yg dye hot giler babai!

gmbr ni dye mmg hot in red..

her own word. FABULOSITY!

she look damn innocent lah!

now she is smokin!! yeah baby!

she is damn hot rght people?? jgn jeles.. she got evrythng she want in life.. have kids n evrytng... one day,im gonna be just like her.. =))

kegilaan terserlah..

ni la yg jadi apebile farah azriena tak de keje sbb dye bru balek keje..
hehehe.. enjoy people all the stupid pictures.. =))

ni bajet nk jd model la.. hahah

ni lak bajek nk jd hantu.. hahah

ni lak nk jd kimora lee simmons.. lansung tak sme!!

ni tak tao nk jd ape.. hehe

yg ni mmg sungguh xde keje nk buat.. da blur da!

now rmbot still kaler oren.. after this rmbot bertukar jd kaler hitam balek!!! hahahah... mmg sje je tak de keje.. ni da kali ke-5 tuka kaler rmbo.. hehehe.. mmg bazer duet btol!! but what to do.. da my hobby.. =)) hehehe



this is the time bile farah azriena n nadzirah zainuddin tak de keje nak buat.. enjoy the pictures people.. but tak byk pon gmbr dye.. hehehe

ni time we tak de keje nk buat..

n ni we tgh perasan hot!

n ni perasan INNOCENT! hahah

we both like cam whore! n we just love to take pictures together.. da kate pon adik beradik kan.. mst la.. hehehe.. sme2 hot n sme2 giler! hahaha.. ni la dye anak2 rosemilah hamdan!

two weeks to GO!

omg!! kejap je lg due mggu i nk nikah!! omg!! i just like cannot wait n nervous giler babi... haih.. hope evrythng gonna be ok la.. baju n evrythng sume da settle.. just hantaran je now nk settle kan...

n now sume terserah kt we all utk sabar for hari bahagia.. =)


i just want to chop off my head!

no lah! gile ape nk potong kepala!! hahah.. i just want to cut my hair la! hehehe.. too tired la with long hair.. so many years with long hair.. nk tuka style pulak! bosan tol rmbot panjang.. nmpk seksi ckt if short hair.. hahaha.. bapak perasan! so,basicly tu je nk ckp.. i want to chop off my head! haha.. nthng funny happen actually.. coz never la funny thing happen to me.. so fuck it la kan?? just go on with life.. =)) n now counting days to my wedding.. =)) hahah.. damn im too excited la.. hurm.. should i?? i dun thnk so.. nnt ade pulak bnde laen jd.. tak elok la.. =(( hehe.. but i wish evrythng gonna be ok.. =)) so,later y'all!!


to my GREG

firstly i want to say thank u coz loving me all these while.. u da buat a lot for me n this wedding.. n so many things we've go trough.. u such a great guy syg.. i bet no one will be here for me until this stage.. so many things to do n to settle.. but u lalui semua ni ngn tenang.. i really respect u for that.. coz sume ni not easy for u.. u have to convert n all.. i realy appricate what u've done for me.. i really do syg.. mayb smtms i make mistake n stupid but i really apprciate what u've done for me.. seriesly syg.. u one guy that so hard to find.. coz u diffrnt.. u laen dr yg laen.. n soon u gonna be my husband.. i mmg btol2 bersyukur that i ade u in my life.. so many things i da lalui ngn u.. even i just knew u only 6 months.. bu i rse cm da knl u lme.. i just cannot wait these thing to settle n im all yours.. i love u b.. n thanks for loving me until now.. I LOVE U.


wedding diaries

wedding da dkt.. cannot waiT!


damn hot lah!

angelina jolie mmg hot la in this pix! i want her hair!!!

to the ladies out there

it ain't my fault that i have him in my life.. i just came to his life n POOFF! it just happen.. please.. i beg y'all just dun hate me.. u dunno what it's feels like to be me here.. can u haall these.? others girls looking at him n smile at him behind ur back..? i knw he is not that type to flir.. but u must have the patient.. if u don't, i just don't knw what to say.. he is very nice guy.. n i knw he knw u girls before me.. i'm just new in his life.. but it's no my fault.. i love him n he love me.. evryday i have to face all the girls out there who got crush on him.. n now, i have to face all the girls that he knw before me.. they look at me like i stole their boyfriend? please la.. be matured la.. he is not the only guy on earth.. come on! lots of nice guy out there.. so please.. i had enough of this.. ya i knw i have used to it.. but still....? i'm just a human though.. i have feelings.. n please girls.. dun be to emotional.. guys don't like that..


i'm crushed

Why do I keep running from the truth

All I ever think about is you

You got me hypnotized

So mesmerized

And I've just got to know

espeacially to my girls fren who always be there for me.

jihan,i tgk blog i yg lme2.. n i nmpk gmbr kite when we used to go out together time college dulu.. i really miss that!! =)) now evrythng is dffrnt.. im getting married jihan.. =)) n u still in college.. with bugs n anis.. my other two bestie!! n our first fashion show together.. but i cant make it.. so sad rght? u on stage alone without me jihan.. we spend time a lot with each other kn? but now jarang jmpe.. =(( u r my best fren jihan.. n u really a gud fren.. u always be there for me.. =) byk memory kite together.. i hope that we can go out all girls one last time b4 i become mrs.Soliano! hahaha.. =)) all i want to say jihan,thank u for being my fren all these while.. n i would like to thank anis n bugs also.. =)) bugs was there for me when i gado ngn family i.. i tumpang her hse.. hehehe.. thanks bugs! n anis always go to college with me.. n give me advise.. u girls the best fren ever!

me n jihan having gud time.

we both camera whore!

my fav pix!!

these are my best fren.. love u guys for ever! dun forget bout me guys.. =))

hari rabu

hari ni hari rabu.. for me n greg today is MOVIE day for us.. but just now,just bcoz TOO bz we cannot watch movie.. coz ni je la time we both hang out together.. haih.. laen time greg bz.. =((

bosan sgt2!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! tp xpe.. =)) hehehehe.. i still jmpe greg n can hug him.. he is my lil teddy bear! baby,u knw how much i miss u or not??!!


now im home doin nthng.. eh jihan,da bpe lme u tak update blog u.?? =)) i nk komen la.. hehehe


what a day

haih.. the whole day jln2 g cri barang hantaran.. huhu.. just cannot wait till next month!! im getting married y'all!! n last saturday n sunday went to kusus kahwen! damn my ass is pain!! can u just imagine kene sit there 4 8 HOURS!!! r u kidding fucking kidding me!! i bole dpt ass cancer u knw?? but what to do.. have to go.. coz if i dun go i cannot marry.. haih.. what u rule la.. stupid btol.. n today yeah me n greg went to but some stuff..

we just jln2 kt timesquare n pavi n klcc.. just to buy barang hantaran.. very TIREDing.. but it's ok.. as long as it's with greg i dun mind.. hehehe.. n now im here.. writing the blog.. n i just read jihan blog just now.. she is very gud fren of mine.. when im in college dye la yg jd kwn i when i dun have frens.. =) thanks jihan.. then suddenly i teringt kt my old school fren.. like wawa,sue,sha n mamoon.. they all was there for me..

my high scool is sucks ok?! i just hate that school la!
these are my best fren at hign school.. i will never forget them.. yeah ade some of them do some shit to me but they all my frens.. i will forgive but never forget them.. =)) (mean rght?)


today's story.

today we gonna talk bout dress n bags! err? like i have anythng to talk about?? NONE! so im thinkng bout dresses.. so,my fav brand for dress is BCBG.. mahal jugak la.. coz designer stuff.. i knw i cannot afford.. but i just admire the dress.. coz last time when im in college me jihan always went to pavllion n try on dress.. hehehe.. cool.. tu la keje kteorg if da bosan.. nk release tension.. =)) jihan la teach me to go all these branded place.. hehehe.. it's ok jihan.. i hve to knw bout the branded stuff also.. =)) the dress damn nicE! it's white.. n strapless.. n i try la.. after i try it fit me PERFECTLY! i was like amaze! hahaha.. coz im FAT! halloo!! n i try that dress cm cantek je.. i look nice like jihan said la.. hehe.. i really like that dress.. n the price also nice.. it's RM8,987!! hhaha!! how u like that now??!! almost 9K! are u kidding me?! but dress tu mmg chantek la.. ni ade contoh gmbr ala2 dress tu.. not excactly but ade la cm ni ckt2..


what a day

ari ni la ari pertama dpt tgk wayang selepas beberapa minggu tak tgk wayang!! bole jadi giler tao!! when i used to work with tower,evry week me n greg will watch movie.. coz that's the only thing we both can do together.. =)) hahaha.. so kite jln2 kat KLCC.. normal la.. that's our port.. =)) we watch DISASTER MOVIE.. n kim kardashian acting somemore.. i dunno she can act.. but she's HOT! DAYUMM! that movie mmg DISASTER! not that funny la.. but ok la.. lgpon today is cheap.. so i dun mind.. at least we can go movie.. then we jalan2 at pavillion.. n i met jihan n bugs.. my two bestie! hehehe.. n nthng much.. we stuck in pavillion about half an hour.. then we heading HOME! N now im home writing this blog. =)

this movie mmg DISASTER!

she is one HOT BITCH lah!

and this is us.. =))
(no matter what we do,we still take picture. )


hari raya

ape yg jdik time raye? NOTHING! like always lah, pagi raye kiteorg pegi kubur arwah mak.. then pegi kubur arwah opah.. this is funny! time kt kubur arwah opah, kteorg kena crik kubur dye coz i never go there.. aya ckp dye tao.. then bile smpai ctu dye cm BLUR.. dye tak jmpe.. then i sat down there n look at him.. then ade lg sorg mamat ni cm tgh crik kubur gak.. dye pgg satu beg plastik bunge.. dye pusing2 la kt kubur tu crik mne kubur.. tp tak jmpe.. sme la ngn ayah.. so i tgk dorg muke mmg blur giler!! lawak abes!! then org yg ta dpt crik kubur tu dye maen letak je bunga kt kubur spe.. hehehe.. dye berdiri tgh2 then kiri kanan dye ade kubur.. dye maen tabur je.. n me n my sis gelak cm nak mati.. i knw its not nice but its funny ok!! ahahaha... then last2 jmpe jugak.. so dlm kete aya tny npe gelak.. hehehe.. aya pon gelak psl bnde tuh.. sian org tuh.. mayb dye lupe kt mne kot... tp xpe la.. hope dye jmpe la kubur yg dye nk crik tuh.. then after that cm biase la g uma atok.. then raye kt sne.. but slack part i tak dpt duet raye cm taun2 lepas la.. but its ok.. i enjoyed my raya.. =))


my bday. =)

no matter where i still kiss him!

we just walking around.

i just love to make fun of erin! =)

see,we just love taking picture!

we lepaking there. =)

at the ape center!

i still love him no matter what!

at the elephant place.

this is my bday cake.

im walking alone.

he really manje me.=)

erin's fren? =)

we had a great time.. greg n his family throw a surprise bday party for me.. =) thanks baby.. n we went to the zoo.. my bday we goin to the zoo! yay! me like! the last time i went to the zoo when i was a kid.. n now im 19!! how long i never been there.. leia is in australia.. n we really miss her.. n my family do makan2 for me.. they bought me cheescake(which now is my fav).. n we ate KFC for buka puase.. n that's it. greg gave me CARLO RINO wallet.. n mummy n u.man gave me BAJU RAYE.. n leia gave me HANDBAG.. they gave the stuff that i really need.. my big sis gave me BRACELET.. n my lil sis gave me a NOVEL.. i love them! thanks u guys for a wonderful bday!!


i love u greg. =)

org lain all write bout what they do today.. but for me,work work work work n work.. thats all.. no pretty picture except with greg.. sooooo... all my picture is with greg la.. hehehe.. i have no more picture that i need to put.. n i also got nothing else to say.. heheheh.. just doing this for fun.. else,no one will comment my blog anyway.. so fuck it la! hahahaha

see,what else can we do. we just so silly n loving. rght? but who give a shit? after MARRIED is just us. nobody will care. it's us who bring the food on our table.. not OTHER PEOPLE.