hari bosan

yeah.. hari ni mmg bosan.. kt office tak tak nk buat ape.. so i just view gmbr2 yg hot2.. so i saw mila kunis pnye gmbr.. giler hot dye.. husband i pon giler minat kt dye.. so i save gmbr dye.. ingt nk bg husband i but tak bole lak.. adeh.. hehehe

dye mmg minat giler kt minah ni.. so ni gmbr hot dye.. =))


new post

now,new post.. da lme tak post blog.. n rndu jugak kt blog nih.. but just tak de mse.. bole update if free or kt ofis.. coz kt ofis tak buat ape2 pon.. duk angkat phone.. haiyoo.. but its ok.. =) i dun mind.. nk cte psl ape kt blog pon xtao.. coz xde bnde nk cte..

lgpon now life cm ni je la.. =) still the same.. n nthng yg berubah.. just ade la ckt yg laen.. =)) but perubahan yg baek la.. heheh.. so i miss my frens.. but now,i have smthng else to thnk.. i knw my frens always be there for me but what to do.. things dffrnt now.. i love u guys n i will always do..

i wont forget about u guys.. i will rmmber u guys until i die.. but there some thing i wont forget.. many thng happen tp tak ley nk lupe.. smpai skrg.. ade yg tak elok n ade yg elok.. i just want to forget it.. but cm ne eyh?

very hard for me though.. but what to do.. hurm.. =) life must go on..


how to do this??!!

my blog totally like bodo.. evrythng tungang langgang.. haiyooo.. bur lame gak tak updat blog kan.. hehhee.. biase la.. bz skrg ngn life.. =)) hope u guys dun miss me that much.. =)) hehehe.. i bet nobody will miss me.. =((

haihh.. i just wanna edit my blog but all like WRONG!! wrong people!! i dun have much time to update my blog n all.. but please help me.. =(( i just want to lose that stupid blue thing on my header.. i dun want that crap! haih.. what to do la now.. =((