im in love ....... again

yup! im in love again. with who? haha! obviously with my husband. i just dunno y. i feel love rght now. hahah. well, we spend almost 2 years together. of coz i fell love wih him. well, there is still girls like him but u know what, its not important. he is mine. im his wife! we have a son now. so what to worry about? =)
it make me smile whenever i saw our picture together. we've been through a lot. many things happen. we fight, we laugh, we cry all together. its just so meaningful to me. yeah i really love him. he is one guy who really can make me feel this way. he is so adorable. =)


i love my boys.

yeah. i really love them. =) they really shine my life. they make me happy. i dun think i can live witout them. my worst nightmare is if i lose one of them. they are just so important to me. i love them so much. =)


smile for me.

yeah. just smile for me coz my baby boy is big baby n so cute! =) i just love him. he look just like my husband. =)) hahaha. now im happy with my son n my husband. now i know it really feel so great after i deliver ryo. to see him grow up in front of me. remind me when labor time. god! that experience i cannot forget. the pain i've been through. it's smthng speacial. its true what my mom said,only u can experience the motherhood. im lucky i have easy one. my boy never give me trouble. when he inside me n when he's goin to come into this world. im a lucky mother i guess. =) so, what can i just say is, being a mother is not easy actually. but its smthng that really meaningful and speacial. we can see our child in front of us n see him cry and smile at u. its really nice. =)


my son is born.

yeah,im a mother now. =) im so lucky. nothing much to say. i miss my jihan. she is in paris now. lucky i met her b4 she went to paris. =( she didnt see my son. but she'll be back. miss her. she is one best fren. hurm.

my son is 1 month now. he's big boy already. =) he know how to laugh already. he have greg's eyes. he always angry if he's hungry. haha. so damn cute he. that's my son. so cute n small. never give me trouble. i just llove him so much. owh n thank u baby for working hard for both of us syg. u the best husband in the world! =) i love u so much..


while waiting for the baby

yup.. now tgh tggu baby nak kuwa. =) hahahha.. just cant wait.. but, sementara nak tggu baby ni kuwa, i got nthng to do.. byk bnde yg tak bole nak buat.. so, the only thing i can do is watch dvd kt bilik n clean.. hahaha.. but now da tak larat nak clean lebih2.. haih.. so, disbbkn i always in my room with my dvd, i have new series that i like to watch.. it's MONK.. it's about crazy detective yg giler particular bout germs and all.. mmg pembersih giler la..

punca tibe2 suke cite ni sbb greg la.. dye ckp nak follow any series.. so we no need to think what to watch.. last2 im the one who follow it.. sbb greg smtms tak de mse nk tgk.. he bz working.. pity him.. =( so now im watchng season 6.. ade lg satu season.. coz dye smpai season 7.. now tgh showing,so dvd lom kuwa lg.. huwaaaaaaaaaaa... =(( so this is the stuff that pregnent woman do when she's waiting for the baby to come out.. hahahaha...


im so over it.

i had enough with all these stupid bullshit. all these girls should just stop disturbing me. im giving birth end of the month. doesnt mean i stay home n u just can accuse me doin smthng that i didnt do. its so not cool. i stay home quietly n please just back off. all u people should know that pregnent woman is sensitive. SO?? i got other things to worry about. im having my baby soon. better i think about my baby rght?

i didnt mean to tell the whole word,just i really deppressed when people doin this to me. yeah its my fault coz i treat n look at people one kind. i just cannot help it. i dun want to pretend i like a person if i dun like them. its just smthng bout them i dun feel good about. is it wrong? sometime i just dont understand people.

if u flirt with people husband their wife ask u to back off,u should know better. its not my prob. u been married b4. so paham2 la. what do u think only me who hate other girls go out or chat with their husband? byk lg la other girls out there dont like. somemore im pregnent. u think i will do that such of things?

im really upset coz people accuse me like that. i really do. i really feel like i dont deserve to be with my husband. im really upset all these happen. i really do..


counting days

yup.. im counting days to be a mummy now. =) just cannot wait.


new blog! yay!

haha. at last i love my blog! watching FLUSHED AWAY. lying down on my bed. hahaha.. very lazy day. waiting for mum to call me. im bored though. tgh duk on9 ni kimmy pon on9. so i just ask her to edit my blog for me. coz i really like her blog though. =) ni dye pnyer blog.. u guys should check it out.. .. i just dunno what to do.. actually now im thinking about tea.. hehehe.. funny eyh? suddenly.. but im too lazy to go down.. hahaha.. its nice n comfy in my room.. =)

im counting days now. just cant wait to deliver. i hope evrythng gonna be okay. pray for me. i cant wait to be a mom. n greg cannot wait to be a dad. :) how cute is that~! i have nthng much to say also coz what i do is just stay home n watch dvd. that's all i can do though. i cant really go out. coz my leg is swallon. n i just have to stay home. =( greg is working so most of the time im with my baby. talking to him. n he kick really hard sometimes.

can u imagine how the baby look like after he come out? is it my face or greg's? hurm.. but he's gonna be so cute!! cant wait!!! hahahha..


it's been a while!

what is it feels like.

now i knw how is it feels like to be a wife. =) haih. banyak btol cabaran.. sometimes i feel like wanna give up je. but bile pikir2 balik, this is what i want.. i choose this kind of life last time.. many things happen.. now im pregnent with my first baby with greg.. omg.. u dunno how is it like la.. i cannot simply jd cm l;embik.. have to be strong..

it's normal bile husband n wife gado.. same like me n greg.. but sometime things out of control though.. =) but actually im happy with what i have now.. my frens know what happen to me i think.. (some of it).. but now we're ok. =)

being a wife is not that easy.. mcm2 nk kena buat.. bkn sng2 je u bole jd bini org.. even ur husband always at work.. after balik dye nk mkn la.. then have to layan him.. his baju all kena iron.. bilik kene sentiase kemas.. if not..... hahaha.. u knw la ape akn jd.. =P hehehe.. but so far,im ok.. i still can handle things..

in august im gonna give birth.. so,what happen when my stomach getting bigger?? hurm.. tell me boutt it.. i have to stop working.. i cant go out anymore like last time.. i have to be back b4 6.. my leg swallon n my hand also swallon.. my body is heavier.. n i can't walk to much.. im easily tired.. hurm.. so most of the time i have to stay home..


special for jihan!

hehehehe.. this entry special utk jihan coz dye nk tgk my tummy side way.. so i took some pictures just for her! huhuh.. tu makne i syg u tao jihan!

gmbr ni i amek side way.. tgk tummy i besar mne.. huhuh.. ni time i bru nk keje i ingt kt u..

p/s:betape syg i kt u jihan! hahahaha.. marah greg nnt.. hahahaha


big tummy me!

rmai org tny where is my pictures with my big stomach? hehehe.. ni ade ckt gmbr my big tummy kt ofis.. coz ni je sempat amek.. lgpon xde mse la.. coz tgh keje.. =P

gmbr ni bole nmpk juge la my tummy..

muke mmg tak ley blah kn?

ni nmpk jugak la.. =P

so enjoy my tummy pictures? soon i update again. =)


its fucking sad n really stupid!

today is very fucked up day for me! ari ni tbe2 teringin nk mkn McD.. so mtk tolong la my younger sis belikan.. coz dye da kt klcc.. i need to go to work.. ingt bia la dye belikn.. n i juz amek trus.. coz dye abes keje at 12.. i call her so many time dye tak jwb.. so tahap kesabaran i da kemuncak! pantang tol if org tak angkt phone.. then after da nk smpai bru dye angkt.. i cm what the hell!! org da la lapa.. n teringin lak tuh.. then dye call ckp da kt mcd.. so ingt ok la.. then after a while dye call balek ckp xde duet! i was like.......... hancur ati aku.. ye mayb u all ckp its a small matter.. but forme its not.. mmg teringin nk mkn mcd.. i juz dunno y.. n im fucking hungry.. somemore after keje kena trus balek.. ingt after keje nk la g mkn mcd jap.. but my husband ask me go home straight. coz got smthng kt uma.. so i need to be at home...

n one more thing.. time td pegi la cold storage kejap coz nk beli paper.. then tbe2 ade la sorg makhluk tuhan dye came to me n say "u ni wife to greg soliano ke?" i was like "huh?" n i asked her back "n u are?" n ngn langsi dye jawab "long lost frens" n she gave me this sluty smile n look at me like im a low class people.. aku cm hangin la.. da la aku nk mkn xdpt.. then minah ni nk wt hal lak.. lg naek la hangin aku! n haloo people.. im pregnent.. bnde cm ni bole buat aku nangis.. i just cannot believe that i cry on my way to office.. i just dunno why.. i feel so sad suddenly.. seriesly.. i want to eat mcd.. i really do.. n im hungry..

actually i really hate to be too emotional like this u knw.. but i cant just help it.. people dun understand sometime...dorg ingt aku sje2 nk nagis or nk emotional.. im not like this ok! my frens n family know me.. n i knw not like this.. i hate this.. n this is fucking sad n im really depressed!! n i dun want it!! fuck la.. i just want to be happy ok.. today,teus mood ilang ok.. my mood swing! fucking shit!


monday morning. =)

today is the first day i start work.....(back).. =) now my baby inside me da masok 5 bulan. how cute is that! now da bole rase dye kick my perot. n dye tao if lapa dye tendang2.!! omg! gile pndai baby nih! bukan maen lg. nk mkn je tendang. if sala pose ckt je tendang. amboi2. hehe. but for me he is very good baby. if im working ke ape he will keep quite. stay still je. =)

i xtao pulak motherhood is very fun n really amazing.!!


baby boy!

yeah,as u guys know im having baby boy in august,. =) so,im happy! still wonder mcm mne muke dye nnt.. like his daddy or his mummy.. hahaha.. cant wait till august.. i heard lot of stuff bout pregnancy ni.. agk scary la.. n agk ssh mao tdo mlm2.. =(( saket badan la.. saket kaki la.. adoii... 

evry night mst bgn tgh2 mlm sbb kaki saket.. n i cant eat chicken!! huwaaaaaaaa.!! not a good news ok?! haiyoo... im so excited bout all this.. my stomach become big already now..  i went to scan n the baby is so cute.. sory la picture baby xde.. =((

n i cnnt use my jeans anymore.. only bole pkai suar yg longgar2 sahaje ok.. or use dress ke.. haiyooo.. all my t-shirt all da ketat.. n i gain weight.. a lot! 5kg already!! hahaha.. so damn fast! but im not fat ok?! huhuh.. im just sexy hot mama.. am i?? hehehhe.. but actually pregnent woman is sexy u knw.. hehhee..

coz its free scaning la.. hehhe.. but one thing i knw its a boy! can see his "thing".. hehehe.. just so cute lah! all these is a big n new experience for me.. n i went through all these with flying colors.. =)) but i still wonder how is the baby gonna look like la.! hahahha!! just cannot wait!! 

p/s: im so excited smpai xbole tdo mlm2.. (but tdo gak kalu da pnt) hehehe


its a boy!

hahahha.. =) im so happy!!! =))


i want mcd!

im hungry!! i want mcd.. =( da la sorg2 kt uma.. somemore lapa lak tuh! nk mkn ape? teringin nk mkn mcd.. but nk kuwa tak bole.. =(( huwaaaaaaa... pity me!!! nnt greg balek dye nk mkn ape pulak? adoi.. da xtao nk msk ape.. huwaaaaaaaaaaaa.... 

i just dunno la.. cm trus xde mood.


update kejap.

ni kejap je.. sementara menggu husband kesygan pulang dr keje.. hehehe.. perasaan bosan n tak tao nk buat ape bercampur aduk now.. haih.. sungguh penat... mahu menggu n tunggu.. bosan tao x??!!

xpe la.. nk buat cm ne.. =) kena happy juge.. btol x jihan? hahhaa.. always sebut name jihan! rndu la kt korg.. haih.. perut pon da besar.. so agk ssh.. but best.. look more seksi.. =)) 

ok la.. husband kesygan pon da smpai. =) nnt update lgik. haja jgn lupe bace nih! babap kang.. hehehe


update again

yes people.. its me update my blog again.. yup.. im at work now.. coz this the only time i can update evrythng.. if not harapan la.. haih.. hajar, jihan tenkiu comment blog kite! hahaha.. cm desperate la pulak.. adeh.. no la.. i boring nk mati la! haiyoo... jihan, bile u nk kawen ha? heheheh.. i slalu tny u soalan tu kn? hehehe.. i just ske.. jgn mara. hehehe..
hajar! u bru balek dr melbourne? bestnyer!! i nk ikot la.. huwaaaaaaa.. i nk jln2 tgk pantai.. heheh.. then ley g honeymoon skali.. hehhee.. ape la.. best nyer korg tgh blaja.. huhuh.. i terbalek.. time org keje i blaja.. time org blaja i keje.. n time org nk abes blaja i kawen.. hehehe.. cm laen je.. but best la.. hehehe.. kawen mude..
hish! gatal btol nk kawen mude.. hik hik hik.. tp if dpt husband best ape salanyer.. huhu.. eh, im expecting smthng in august.. can u guys guess what is it? =)) im so happy bout it! hahahha.. just cannot wait!! =))
so i guess until here je lah! da bosan da balek.. hehhee..
p/s; i miss my girls a lot. ( jihan, hajar, anis, bugs, julian, leia n brit. )


long time. =)

yeah.. it's been long time i never post anythng.. busy with my life though.. =) tp ade masa sempat jugak jmpe my girls.. see,i never forget bout u girls.. n of coz i bz ngn keje! haih.. no time to online also.. nak updat blog pon tak sempat.. if update pon who gonna read though.. hahahha..

just for fun update this unCOOL blog of mine! last time is more COOLer.. =(( ni yg nk nagis nih.. hish.. then bile da tak unCOOL cm malas nk buat balek lak.. lantak la ape nk jd.. actually got many things to talk about.. but i just dunno where to strt..hurm..

my husband working now.. n he is very busy.. im just doing part time but still busy jugak.. adeh.. cm ne la tuh.. n i do expecting smthng.. =) just cannot wait for IT. =) hope evrythng gonna be ok la.. insyallah..

so, i miss college though.. i miss fashion show.. n i miss the class.. its fun last time.. but i dunno now la.. they said our principal da mcm gile jek..i dunno y n i dun want to know y.. hahaha.. lucky im not there.. its ok.. one day i will continue my stdy in fashion again.. i do IN LOVE with fashion.. i want to be designer.. i really do.. tp if xde rezeki nk buat cm ne..

n now i miss my husband.. mmg tiap2 ari jmpe.. but ntah la.. he is a great husband.. we married for how many months already but rse cm bru2 je lg.. like jihan said, "u guys are married fara.. evryday u jmpe dye kot?" mmg la.. tp bile dye g keje cm rndu jek.. hehehe.. rse cm time tgh dating dulu2.. hehehe.. nnt u kawen u tao la jihan.. heheh...

so basiclly that's all yg happen.. if spe2 yg bce just pray for me n my family. =)


hari bosan

yeah.. hari ni mmg bosan.. kt office tak tak nk buat ape.. so i just view gmbr2 yg hot2.. so i saw mila kunis pnye gmbr.. giler hot dye.. husband i pon giler minat kt dye.. so i save gmbr dye.. ingt nk bg husband i but tak bole lak.. adeh.. hehehe

dye mmg minat giler kt minah ni.. so ni gmbr hot dye.. =))


new post

now,new post.. da lme tak post blog.. n rndu jugak kt blog nih.. but just tak de mse.. bole update if free or kt ofis.. coz kt ofis tak buat ape2 pon.. duk angkat phone.. haiyoo.. but its ok.. =) i dun mind.. nk cte psl ape kt blog pon xtao.. coz xde bnde nk cte..

lgpon now life cm ni je la.. =) still the same.. n nthng yg berubah.. just ade la ckt yg laen.. =)) but perubahan yg baek la.. heheh.. so i miss my frens.. but now,i have smthng else to thnk.. i knw my frens always be there for me but what to do.. things dffrnt now.. i love u guys n i will always do..

i wont forget about u guys.. i will rmmber u guys until i die.. but there some thing i wont forget.. many thng happen tp tak ley nk lupe.. smpai skrg.. ade yg tak elok n ade yg elok.. i just want to forget it.. but cm ne eyh?

very hard for me though.. but what to do.. hurm.. =) life must go on..


how to do this??!!

my blog totally like bodo.. evrythng tungang langgang.. haiyooo.. bur lame gak tak updat blog kan.. hehhee.. biase la.. bz skrg ngn life.. =)) hope u guys dun miss me that much.. =)) hehehe.. i bet nobody will miss me.. =((

haihh.. i just wanna edit my blog but all like WRONG!! wrong people!! i dun have much time to update my blog n all.. but please help me.. =(( i just want to lose that stupid blue thing on my header.. i dun want that crap! haih.. what to do la now.. =((


new blog stupid!

huwaaaaaaaaaaaa... stupid me.! ingt nk tuka layout skali sume bnde ilang n i dunno what to do! bodod tol!! huwaaaa.. nk nagis la cm nih!! huwaaaaaaaaaaaaa... have to edit evrythng now.! ayoooooo....


new year to my family n frens!! (u better read though!)

happy new year!! hahhaa.. new year this year im married.. =)) n this year im gonna turning 20! omg!! da nk masok 20 da.. hahahaha.. cm cool je.. umo 20 ni da bole masok club nih.. heheheh.. n still me n my husband still enjoying life just like other people.. =)) still wacthing movie,go n lepak here n there.. dating.. just like all the couples out there.. so if we da kawen xbole dating ke?? still bole ok! coz my husband damn romantic though. =)

so guys,happy new year again! wish u all the best! =))