im in love ....... again

yup! im in love again. with who? haha! obviously with my husband. i just dunno y. i feel love rght now. hahah. well, we spend almost 2 years together. of coz i fell love wih him. well, there is still girls like him but u know what, its not important. he is mine. im his wife! we have a son now. so what to worry about? =)
it make me smile whenever i saw our picture together. we've been through a lot. many things happen. we fight, we laugh, we cry all together. its just so meaningful to me. yeah i really love him. he is one guy who really can make me feel this way. he is so adorable. =)


i love my boys.

yeah. i really love them. =) they really shine my life. they make me happy. i dun think i can live witout them. my worst nightmare is if i lose one of them. they are just so important to me. i love them so much. =)