fashion show.

11 April is my big day. =) because it's my first fashion show ever in public. i can show everyone that i really a good designer and tailor. i have to prove to all my friends and family that i am not a lazy and not talented as they think. and to my lecturer also. and to my principal. because she said i' m a good tailor but i' m not a really good designer. that is mean right.? that is suck.! i have to make two garment. and i have to do it in 1 month.! oh god. help me. it will take a lot of work and patient. and really really patient. because i have my partner. her name is JIHAN. i like to be with her. coz she is so like a DIVA.! our garment is yellow color. and it' s originally from mine and my partner's design. i just hope my first ever fashion show in public will be like i dream of. i come up on the stage with my partner and somebody will call me because they want me to be their designer or to buy our garment. =)

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