my bday. =)

no matter where i still kiss him!

we just walking around.

i just love to make fun of erin! =)

see,we just love taking picture!

we lepaking there. =)

at the ape center!

i still love him no matter what!

at the elephant place.

this is my bday cake.

im walking alone.

he really manje me.=)

erin's fren? =)

we had a great time.. greg n his family throw a surprise bday party for me.. =) thanks baby.. n we went to the zoo.. my bday we goin to the zoo! yay! me like! the last time i went to the zoo when i was a kid.. n now im 19!! how long i never been there.. leia is in australia.. n we really miss her.. n my family do makan2 for me.. they bought me cheescake(which now is my fav).. n we ate KFC for buka puase.. n that's it. greg gave me CARLO RINO wallet.. n mummy n gave me BAJU RAYE.. n leia gave me HANDBAG.. they gave the stuff that i really need.. my big sis gave me BRACELET.. n my lil sis gave me a NOVEL.. i love them! thanks u guys for a wonderful bday!!

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