to my GREG

firstly i want to say thank u coz loving me all these while.. u da buat a lot for me n this wedding.. n so many things we've go trough.. u such a great guy syg.. i bet no one will be here for me until this stage.. so many things to do n to settle.. but u lalui semua ni ngn tenang.. i really respect u for that.. coz sume ni not easy for u.. u have to convert n all.. i realy appricate what u've done for me.. i really do syg.. mayb smtms i make mistake n stupid but i really apprciate what u've done for me.. seriesly syg.. u one guy that so hard to find.. coz u diffrnt.. u laen dr yg laen.. n soon u gonna be my husband.. i mmg btol2 bersyukur that i ade u in my life.. so many things i da lalui ngn u.. even i just knew u only 6 months.. bu i rse cm da knl u lme.. i just cannot wait these thing to settle n im all yours.. i love u b.. n thanks for loving me until now.. I LOVE U.



sHwEeT ByAtcH said...

ala.... sheewtnyer lalink...

cant wait for ur wedding too... excited!!

Psycho^Phat said...

moga berbahagia hingga akhir hayat. be a ggod wife k. jealousy tu kurang kan. u r a strong girl. tempuhi segala dengan tenang k. love u both!

Julian Jansen Goh said...


all the best u 2!