its breaking my heart though.. all these thing happen.. seriesly.. smpai terduduk.. smpai da xtao nk ckp ape.. nk menangis pon xgne skrg.. buang air mate je.. it's just evrythng need to be adjust a bit....wait no! not a bit.. A LOT! evrytime i thnk bout this mmg saket ati.. but all that is my past.. n all that is just A PAST.. nthng else.. i live my life now happily.. but all these things keep comning back to me.. try to foget them but cant.. it's just too hard for me to forget them..

evrytime i try harder, lg dye dtg balek.. as if like it's haunting me! bile sorg,i been thinkng... y is dis happening to me.. kenape bkn org laen?? i didnt do anythng that make people suffer.. y i have to? its not that i really suffer, noo... smtms i just cnnt take this anymore.. i just wanna run away from evrythng.. but i know i have responsiblity.. i cnnt just leave like that.. i have to think the person i love in my whole life.. too many things he done for me.. n i really appricte that.. i really do..

i just cnnt stand it smtms.. all i want is a happy life n without all these bullshit.. but still "these bullshit" coming! can u just leave me alone here?! im getting fed up.. n im getting sick of it.. just please dun push me.. i really meant it.. please.. leave me alone ok?...........................

but i cant leave u SUSHI!! I WANT SUSHI! HUWWAAAAAA

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