what is it feels like.

now i knw how is it feels like to be a wife. =) haih. banyak btol cabaran.. sometimes i feel like wanna give up je. but bile pikir2 balik, this is what i want.. i choose this kind of life last time.. many things happen.. now im pregnent with my first baby with greg.. omg.. u dunno how is it like la.. i cannot simply jd cm l;embik.. have to be strong..

it's normal bile husband n wife gado.. same like me n greg.. but sometime things out of control though.. =) but actually im happy with what i have now.. my frens know what happen to me i think.. (some of it).. but now we're ok. =)

being a wife is not that easy.. mcm2 nk kena buat.. bkn sng2 je u bole jd bini org.. even ur husband always at work.. after balik dye nk mkn la.. then have to layan him.. his baju all kena iron.. bilik kene sentiase kemas.. if not..... hahaha.. u knw la ape akn jd.. =P hehehe.. but so far,im ok.. i still can handle things..

in august im gonna give birth.. so,what happen when my stomach getting bigger?? hurm.. tell me boutt it.. i have to stop working.. i cant go out anymore like last time.. i have to be back b4 6.. my leg swallon n my hand also swallon.. my body is heavier.. n i can't walk to much.. im easily tired.. hurm.. so most of the time i have to stay home..

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jihan halim said...

but it will definitely be worth it, after u dah tgk your baby!