new blog! yay!

haha. at last i love my blog! watching FLUSHED AWAY. lying down on my bed. hahaha.. very lazy day. waiting for mum to call me. im bored though. tgh duk on9 ni kimmy pon on9. so i just ask her to edit my blog for me. coz i really like her blog though. =) ni dye pnyer blog.. u guys should check it out.. .. i just dunno what to do.. actually now im thinking about tea.. hehehe.. funny eyh? suddenly.. but im too lazy to go down.. hahaha.. its nice n comfy in my room.. =)

im counting days now. just cant wait to deliver. i hope evrythng gonna be okay. pray for me. i cant wait to be a mom. n greg cannot wait to be a dad. :) how cute is that~! i have nthng much to say also coz what i do is just stay home n watch dvd. that's all i can do though. i cant really go out. coz my leg is swallon. n i just have to stay home. =( greg is working so most of the time im with my baby. talking to him. n he kick really hard sometimes.

can u imagine how the baby look like after he come out? is it my face or greg's? hurm.. but he's gonna be so cute!! cant wait!!! hahahha..

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