smile for me.

yeah. just smile for me coz my baby boy is big baby n so cute! =) i just love him. he look just like my husband. =)) hahaha. now im happy with my son n my husband. now i know it really feel so great after i deliver ryo. to see him grow up in front of me. remind me when labor time. god! that experience i cannot forget. the pain i've been through. it's smthng speacial. its true what my mom said,only u can experience the motherhood. im lucky i have easy one. my boy never give me trouble. when he inside me n when he's goin to come into this world. im a lucky mother i guess. =) so, what can i just say is, being a mother is not easy actually. but its smthng that really meaningful and speacial. we can see our child in front of us n see him cry and smile at u. its really nice. =)

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