my son is born.

yeah,im a mother now. =) im so lucky. nothing much to say. i miss my jihan. she is in paris now. lucky i met her b4 she went to paris. =( she didnt see my son. but she'll be back. miss her. she is one best fren. hurm.

my son is 1 month now. he's big boy already. =) he know how to laugh already. he have greg's eyes. he always angry if he's hungry. haha. so damn cute he. that's my son. so cute n small. never give me trouble. i just llove him so much. owh n thank u baby for working hard for both of us syg. u the best husband in the world! =) i love u so much..

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WeLcome to the S.I.Nema said...

U dont have to thank me.. Just live yr life daily with the thought dat i am at work still thinking of u and ryo.. sorry i am not there always.. LOve u so much.