espeacially to my girls fren who always be there for me.

jihan,i tgk blog i yg lme2.. n i nmpk gmbr kite when we used to go out together time college dulu.. i really miss that!! =)) now evrythng is dffrnt.. im getting married jihan.. =)) n u still in college.. with bugs n anis.. my other two bestie!! n our first fashion show together.. but i cant make it.. so sad rght? u on stage alone without me jihan.. we spend time a lot with each other kn? but now jarang jmpe.. =(( u r my best fren jihan.. n u really a gud fren.. u always be there for me.. =) byk memory kite together.. i hope that we can go out all girls one last time b4 i become mrs.Soliano! hahaha.. =)) all i want to say jihan,thank u for being my fren all these while.. n i would like to thank anis n bugs also.. =)) bugs was there for me when i gado ngn family i.. i tumpang her hse.. hehehe.. thanks bugs! n anis always go to college with me.. n give me advise.. u girls the best fren ever!

me n jihan having gud time.

we both camera whore!

my fav pix!!

these are my best fren.. love u guys for ever! dun forget bout me guys.. =))


jihan said...

i love u!!!!!!!!

i baru tau u ada blog baru la!
patutla tak dpt update!

fara soliano said...

blog bru i nthng la.. i nk invite u.. but i dun have ur email la... hahaha.. gve me ur email la...