today's story.

today we gonna talk bout dress n bags! err? like i have anythng to talk about?? NONE! so im thinkng bout dresses.. so,my fav brand for dress is BCBG.. mahal jugak la.. coz designer stuff.. i knw i cannot afford.. but i just admire the dress.. coz last time when im in college me jihan always went to pavllion n try on dress.. hehehe.. cool.. tu la keje kteorg if da bosan.. nk release tension.. =)) jihan la teach me to go all these branded place.. hehehe.. it's ok jihan.. i hve to knw bout the branded stuff also.. =)) the dress damn nicE! it's white.. n strapless.. n i try la.. after i try it fit me PERFECTLY! i was like amaze! hahaha.. coz im FAT! halloo!! n i try that dress cm cantek je.. i look nice like jihan said la.. hehe.. i really like that dress.. n the price also nice.. it's RM8,987!! hhaha!! how u like that now??!! almost 9K! are u kidding me?! but dress tu mmg chantek la.. ni ade contoh gmbr ala2 dress tu.. not excactly but ade la cm ni ckt2..

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jihan said...

oh god!
im a bad influence!stay awal!

the dress looks so much better on u than the model!