what a day

ari ni la ari pertama dpt tgk wayang selepas beberapa minggu tak tgk wayang!! bole jadi giler tao!! when i used to work with tower,evry week me n greg will watch movie.. coz that's the only thing we both can do together.. =)) hahaha.. so kite jln2 kat KLCC.. normal la.. that's our port.. =)) we watch DISASTER MOVIE.. n kim kardashian acting somemore.. i dunno she can act.. but she's HOT! DAYUMM! that movie mmg DISASTER! not that funny la.. but ok la.. lgpon today is cheap.. so i dun mind.. at least we can go movie.. then we jalan2 at pavillion.. n i met jihan n bugs.. my two bestie! hehehe.. n nthng much.. we stuck in pavillion about half an hour.. then we heading HOME! N now im home writing this blog. =)

this movie mmg DISASTER!

she is one HOT BITCH lah!

and this is us.. =))
(no matter what we do,we still take picture. )

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jihan said...

omg!i was just abt to post a blog on the same movie!!!