what a day

haih.. the whole day jln2 g cri barang hantaran.. huhu.. just cannot wait till next month!! im getting married y'all!! n last saturday n sunday went to kusus kahwen! damn my ass is pain!! can u just imagine kene sit there 4 8 HOURS!!! r u kidding fucking kidding me!! i bole dpt ass cancer u knw?? but what to do.. have to go.. coz if i dun go i cannot marry.. haih.. what u rule la.. stupid btol.. n today yeah me n greg went to but some stuff..

we just jln2 kt timesquare n pavi n klcc.. just to buy barang hantaran.. very TIREDing.. but it's ok.. as long as it's with greg i dun mind.. hehehe.. n now im here.. writing the blog.. n i just read jihan blog just now.. she is very gud fren of mine.. when im in college dye la yg jd kwn i when i dun have frens.. =) thanks jihan.. then suddenly i teringt kt my old school fren.. like wawa,sue,sha n mamoon.. they all was there for me..

my high scool is sucks ok?! i just hate that school la!
these are my best fren at hign school.. i will never forget them.. yeah ade some of them do some shit to me but they all my frens.. i will forgive but never forget them.. =)) (mean rght?)


jihan said...

love u fara!

★ALANįƒ¦♥ ³★ (= said...

kelakar la akak ni,
Ass cancer pulak..